MichiganX: JSON and Natural Language Processing in PostgreSQL

MichiganX: JSON and Natural Language Processing in PostgreSQL

In this third installment of "PostgreSQL for Everybody," participants delve into how PostgreSQL handles JSON and natural language content. They'll learn about creating and utilizing inverted indexes for such data types and explore various sources and text structures within PostgreSQL.

The course covers PostgreSQL's use of inverted indexes for JSON and natural language content, including accessing online APIs, extracting data, and storing it in PostgreSQL's JSON columns. Students will examine the structure of full-text inverted indexes, construct their own, and leverage PostgreSQL's built-in capabilities for supporting full-text indexes.

🆓 Free to Audit
🕒 Approx. 4 Weeks
✏️ Intermediate Level
🧾 Paid Certificate Available Upon Completion
🎓 Offered by The University of Michigan via edX

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