Computer Vision with Embedded Machine Learning

Computer Vision with Embedded Machine Learning

This course delves into the field of computer vision (CV), teaching you how to automate the interpretation of digital images and videos. Offered by Edge Impulse, OpenMV, Seeed Studio, and the TinyML Foundation, the course focuses on utilizing deep learning to perform image classification and object detection. 

You will learn to deploy these models to embedded systems, known as TinyML. Prior knowledge of Python, basic ML concepts, and some math is recommended. The course covers convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and includes hands-on projects where you train and deploy your CNNs to microcontrollers or single-board computers.

🆓 Free to Audit
🕒 Approx. 31 Hours
✏️ Intermediate Level
🧾 Paid Certificate Available Upon Completion
🎓 Offered by Edge Impulse via Coursera

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